Our fields offer the optimal balance between grip and playing comfort, making every shot a unique experience. Create an artificial grass field of your choice in an accessible way in a relatively small space.


Laying a padel court in artificial grass is a popular choice because of the many benefits it brings. Padel is a fast-growing sport that combines elements of tennis and squash. Artificial grass provides a uniform and stable playing surface, which is crucial when playing padel.


Our certified artificial grass guarantees top quality and durability, it meets strict standards and regulations, allowing you to enjoy a product that meets the highest standard.

Choosing a professional partner to build your padel court means investing in efficiency and long-term playing pleasure. With our expertise and dedication, your padel project is in good hands.

Discover the perfect combination of Belgian artificial grass, customisation and outstanding experience with NamSports.

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Constructing a padel court is not just an investment, it is also a smart financial choice, provided the construction is done qualitatively.

Novice or experienced professional, our team of experts is committed to approaching every type of player with the utmost care and attention to detail. From initial planning and design (with the padel cage, lighting, substructure, artificial grass,...) to realisation and maintenance. We ensure smooth implementation and a result that exceeds your expectations.


NamSports takes care of the complete installation of your padel court. Padel court installation is carried out by professional Belgian and international teams under the supervision of a NamSports construction foreman, who is responsible for the result. Here are the steps we follow during the installation of a padel court:
We set out the correct dimensions and prepare the surface according to specifications.

The earth is levelled and any obstacles are removed to create a suitable surface.

The padel cage is installed in the correct position and fixed to the foundation.

The artificial grass is installed on the padel court, paying special attention to bonding and seams.

If applicable, (additional) lighting is installed.

The court is carefully finished, including the lines and all other necessary details.

Padelveld kunstgras 3D render

2. Surface of the padel court

The sub-base of a padel court consists of several layers, including soil or asphalt.

The sub-base is a crucial element that significantly affects the quality of play. The right choice and construction ensure optimal playing characteristics, safety and durability. Different types of subbase are possible, each with its own characteristics and taking into account the current regulations in your region.

Ring foundation

A ring foundation is a type of foundation that consists of a ring-shaped concrete beam placed below the surface of the ground. This foundation method is used to distribute the load of a building evenly over the subsurface and to provide stability. The ring foundation can be installed above or below ground level, depending on the construction requirements. The aim is to create a solid base that is able to absorb vertical loads from the sports field and distribute them to the surrounding soil.

The benefits in a nutshell:

  • Stability: A ring foundation provides a solid and reliable surface for cage structures, with high resistance to wind, weather and other wear factors.
  • Durability: The strong concrete and steel material makes the cage very durable and resistant to wear and tear.
  • Flexibility: The foundation can be adapted to a variety of specific requirements, including size, shape and site conditions, and can be fully customized to meet your needs.
Foam concrete

Foam concrete is a lightweight concrete mixture produced by introducing air bubbles into the concrete mixture. This is usually done by adding a foaming agent. The result is a low-density material, making it lighter than traditional concrete. Foam concrete has good thermal insulation properties and is often used for constructions where weight saving and insulation are important, such as when filling cavities, creating insulating floors or as a filling material. The material is also known for its good fluidity and can be easily molded into complex shapes.

The benefits in a nutshell:

  • Good sound and vibration insulation: The material absorbs sound and vibration during play, which helps to protect the environment from noise pollution.
  • Durability: The strength of the material ensures a long lifespan for your sports facility.
  • Light in weight: The light weight of foam concrete facilitates installation and reduces the risk of damage to the substrate.
Water-permeable Stabilisé

Water-permeable stabilisé, also known as permeable screed, permeable concrete, or water-permeable paving, is a special type of concrete consisting of a mixture of sand, cement and water with added porous materials. It is designed to allow water to pass through while providing structural stability.

The benefits in a nutshell:

  • Water permeability: The most important advantage is of course the ability to allow water to pass through. This contributes to rainwater management, reducing the risk of flooding.
  • Environmentally friendly: Water-permeable stabilisé helps rainwater to infiltrate into the soil, replenishing groundwater. This is beneficial for the environment and reduces the burden on the sewer system.
  • Less water puddles: By preventing water from remaining on the surface, permeable stabilisé reduces the risk of puddles, which improves safety and comfort.
  • Less erosion: It promotes soil stability and reduces erosion by allowing water to penetrate the soil.
  • Heat dissipation: Compared to traditional concrete, permeable stabilisé has better heat dissipation, which can help reduce the urban heat island effect.
Water-permeable asphalt

Permeable asphalt, also known as permeable asphalt concrete (WAB), is a specific type of asphalt mixture that provides water permeability
makes possible.

The benefits in a nutshell:

  • Water Permeability: The main advantage is the ability to allow water to pass through, which helps control stormwater and reduce surface water runoff.
  • Environmentally friendly: Permeable asphalt helps reduce flood risks and helps recharge groundwater, making it an environmentally friendly option.
  • Less water puddles: It minimizes the risk of water puddles, which improves safety.
  • Reduced Surface Erosion: Permeable asphalt helps reduce erosion by allowing water to infiltrate into the underlying soil.

We strive for sustainability in all our projects. In all indoor applications, we always take into account the reuse of existing structures and surfaces. In most cases there will be no need for new substructure, resulting in significant cost savings for the customer. We understand that different sports have different demands on the surface, and we tailor our designs to meet the specific needs of each sport.

3. Padel artificial grass for every type of player

The artificial grass for padel is generally shorter than that used for football or hockey pitches. The ideal length ensures fast ball bounce and smooth movement of players across the field.
Blue artificial grass or green artificial grass is often chosen, but other colours are also possible.

Choosing the right type of artificial grass, together with professional installation and maintenance, contributes to a high-quality and durable padel court that players can enjoy for years.

4. Maintenance of your padel court

After installation, you will receive advice from us on proper padel court maintenance to ensure durability and playability.

In addition, we offer some options to manage maintenance efficiently:

Option 1: Maintenance of the padel cage, including the frame, nets, lighting and glass panels.

Option 2: Maintenance of the artificial grass.

Option 3: Full maintenance of the padel court, taking care of both the cage and the artificial grass.

With these options, you can tailor the maintenance to your specific needs and we will ensure that your padel court remains in optimal condition.