The partner for your project.

If you are looking for a reliable partner in artificial grass, NamSports is the best choice. With more than 15 years of experience in the artificial grass sector, we combine innovation and quality to create products that not only feel natural, but are also environmentally friendly.

Our factory

As one of Europe's leading artificial grass companies, NamSports (part of Sports & Leisure Group) is a very fast growing and vertically integrated artificial grass company that develops, produces and sells high-quality products for sporting purposes. Our factory in Belgium is only 35 km from our warehouse, which allows us to offer sustainable Belgian artificial grass thanks to optimal route optimization.

Circular artificial grass
CO² neutral factory
Belgian product
Partnership with GoForest

Our team

The construction of an artificial grass field is a valuable investment and it is best not to skip any steps.

Your project is realized by a skilled & experienced team. We offer complete care from A to Z: from drawing and advice to delivery and installation.

At NamSports we are only satisfied when you are satisfied with the end result!

Our services

We offer the perfect solution for all your needs. Whatever your question, we strive to provide you with the most suitable solution for your specific situation. Whether it concerns a technical challenge, a sustainability issue, a creative interpretation or the most cost-effective solution, you can rely on our expert and honest advice.


Before we start work, we draw up technical drawings to ensure that we can work in accordance with the standard. We draw up a detailed plan and continue to work as the first point of contact for the immediate area.


Thanks to our background in landscape architecture, we can develop smart solutions that pay attention to preserving and strengthening the natural environment. Consider the reuse of raw materials and solutions for water storage under sports and playing fields.

Project management

We work with permanent, experienced project teams. These teams consist of a project leader, an executive team and a foreman who work together for a longer period of time and are therefore well attuned to each other. As a client, you always have a fixed point of contact who is fully informed about the project, including all requirements. This way we ensure that the work runs smoothly.

preparation & construction

We take care of the implementation from A to Z. Groundwork, paving, fencing, green work,... up to the complete delivery of the site. We have almost everything in stock and can therefore respond quickly. Some is done by our own people, some is outsourced. We guarantee one point of contact at all times for the duration of the project.


Based on a complete and clear maintenance plan, we provide you with insight and advice regarding any additional maintenance costs, so that you will not be faced with any surprises.