A challenging school environment.

At NamSports we understand the value of a sustainable school environment that encourages children to play and learn outside. Our solutions not only provide visual appeal, but also an enriching and educational playing experience.

Our permeable artificial grass surfaces can withstand heavy foot traffic and variable weather conditions, making them ideal for locations where many children gather. Available in different colours, they stimulate creativity and provide a safe environment for children's development.

Our playing fields offer numerous opportunities for challenging forms of play such as football, running, climbing, scrambling, jumping, gymnastics and much more. This not only has a positive effect on the health of children, but also turns gray areas into vibrant play areas.

Always playable.

Sports all year round.


Customized design and installation plan.

Low maintenance.

Saves time, money and resources.


Waterdoorlatend en waterbesparend.

Play outside together.

At NamSports we integrate swings, slides and sandboxes, making the outdoor space of your educational institution even more attractive. Our multifunctional sports fields combine football, basketball and hockey, allowing you to make optimal use of the outdoor space and vary during PE lessons.

Moreover, our artificial grass fields are not seasonal and can be played on all year round. This means that children play outside more actively, resulting in better development of their motor skills. All this of course in accordance with the applicable safety standards.

At NamSports we strive to transform your school's playground into an inspiring, educational, and above all, safe environment where children explore the world around them and give free rein to their creativity. Together we create a sustainable school community in which playing, learning and growing go hand in hand.

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