Play areas where children can play sports safely and be able to play trap damping. Areas that are durable and can withstand intensive use, ideal in schools, nurseries, hospitals,...


Creating a playground in a school, daycare center, hospital, etc. is an important step in creating a safe and stimulating environment for children. Artificial grass is increasingly being considered because of the many benefits it offers.


Our priority is sustainable and safe, our artificial grass has been extensively tested and meets strict standards and regulations, so you can enjoy with confidence a product that meets the highest standards.

Our expert team is ready to be flexible and provide a solution for your specific wishes and needs. We attach enormous importance to a customer-oriented approach and strive for a satisfied customer.

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Artificial grass has some unique properties that make it particularly suitable for playgrounds.

It provides a soft, springy surface where children can play and fall comfortably.

Unlike natural grass, artificial grass stays green all year round and requires minimal maintenance. It can withstand extreme weather conditions such as rain, frost or intense sunlight.

Artificial grass is also safe for children with allergies because it does not spread pollen or grass seeds.

1. Design

Designing a playground is a creative process that must take into account the needs of the different age groups of the children.

We first divide the site into different zones based on age and activity level.

Integration of various playground equipment such as swings, slides, climbing structures and balance beams is possible.

We add plants, flower beds and artificial grass in the design to create a green, inviting environment.

Awnings, trees or shelters provide much-needed shade. While benches and picnic tables provide some extra relaxation for parents and supervisors.

We think about environmentally friendly options such as recycled materials or energy-efficient lighting, for example.

2. Surface of the artificial grass field

When considering the surface of a playground, there are some important aspects we take into account to ensure a safe and sustainable environment.

We integrate a shock-absorbing underlay to reduce the risk of injury in the event of a fall. We look at the maximum fall height of the playground equipment and provide an artificial grass system that meets the current safety standards.

Stone rubble

Grano dust, also known as rubble granules, has become increasingly popular in the construction industry. It is a durable material that is created by breaking stones and concrete. The most common application of this is for foundations under roads, but also for raising gardens or terraces and therefore also as substructure artificial grass is often based on grano dust.

The benefits in a nutshell:

  • Environmental friendliness: Reusing grano dust reduces the need for new ones
    raw materials, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Cost effective: Grano dust is often cheaper than new building materials, resulting in significant cost savings for construction projects.
  • Strength and Durability: The use of grano dust increases the structural integrity of projects and contributes to the durability of the structure.

In conclusion, grano dust offers an economical solution in terms of sustainability and cost savings to build a foundation on which your sports field can be realized.


Lava, as a substrate for various applications such as artificial grass, is known for its excellent drainage properties. The porous
Rock allows rapid drainage of water, which is crucial to reduce or even avoid flooding.

The benefits in a nutshell:

  • Drainage and ventilation: Lava is known for its excellent drainage properties, allowing rainwater to drain away quickly.
  • Lightweight and Stability: Lava is relatively lightweight yet offers...
    stability. This makes it suitable for areas with different uses, such as playgrounds and sports fields.
  • Natural insulation: Lava has natural insulating properties, which makes the
    surface helps maintain a moderate temperature, which is comfortable for users.
Concrete dust

Concrete dust, derived from crushed concrete, offers a green alternative to traditional building materials. With its sustainable character, it contributes to environmentally friendly construction, which is in line with the growing demand for sustainability in the construction sector.

The benefits in a nutshell:

  • Cost savings and budget optimization: A striking advantage of concrete dust is its cost efficiency. By choosing to reuse concrete waste, you not only reduce the cost of new materials, but you also minimize disposal costs, thus reducing your project budget
    is used more effectively.
  • Strength and stability for robust structures: Concrete dust contributes to the robustness of structures. It provides a solid foundation and increases the durability of the project, making it more resistant to the ravages of time and the elements.
  • Eco-friendly choice & progressiveness in the construction sector: By embracing concrete dust, you position your project as a pioneer in sustainable construction. Increase your online visibility and create a reputation as a progressive player in the construction industry.
Water-permeable Stabilisé

Water-permeable stabilisé, also known as permeable screed, permeable concrete, or water-permeable paving, is a special type of concrete consisting of a mixture of sand, cement and water with added porous materials. It is designed to allow water to pass through while providing structural stability.

The benefits in a nutshell:

  • Water permeability: The most important advantage is of course the ability to allow water to pass through. This contributes to rainwater management, reducing the risk of flooding.
  • Environmentally friendly: Water-permeable stabilisé helps rainwater to infiltrate into the soil, replenishing groundwater. This is beneficial for the environment and reduces the burden on the sewer system.
  • Less puddles: By preventing water from pooling on the surface, permeable stabilisé reduce the risk of puddles, improving safety and comfort for pedestrians.
  • Less erosion: It promotes soil stability and reduces erosion by allowing water to penetrate the soil.
  • Heat dissipation: Compared to traditional concrete, permeable stabilisé has better heat dissipation, which can help reduce the urban heat island effect.

3. Artificial grass for everyone

Pay extra attention to an artificial grass product with good drainage capacity so that rainwater can drain away quickly. Go for durable artificial grass that can withstand intensive use and different weather conditions. Choose a material that retains its color beautifully and requires little maintenance. Look for products that are free of harmful substances and that are recyclable at the end of their life.

4. Support with the maintenance of your playground

A well-designed playground with artificial grass as a base not only provides a safe and enjoyable environment for children, it can also have a positive impact on the social interaction with the environment and the development of children in the community.

We offer maintenance contracts to keep the artificial grass in top condition.

Our experienced technicians conduct periodic inspections to assess the general condition of the artificial grass. They look for wear, damage or other possible problems and perform a thorough cleaning.

This not only improves aesthetics but also extends its lifespan. Immediate repairs such as loose seams or small tears prevent further deterioration.