A smart floor solution.

Your fitness or rehabilitation center deserves a durable surface that perfectly meets the needs of your customers and patients. At NamSports we understand the essence of a floor that is ideal for sports and exercises, while also contributing to the recovery and well-being of patients and athletes.

Our flooring solutions are designed with joint health in mind, so that they cause as little strain as possible. This is not only a smart investment for your fitness or rehabilitation center, but also a reassuring choice for healthcare facilities.

The practical benefits of our floors can improve the motivation of your customers. Whether you organize indoor sports or long-term rehabilitation sessions, NamSports offers a range of solutions, including sprint tracks, fitness floors and sports courts, to meet all your needs.

Always playable.

Sports all year round.


Customized design and installation plan.

Low maintenance.

Saves time, money and resources.


Waterdoorlatend en waterbesparend.

Moving together.

From boot camp to CrossFit and group lessons, our cushioning floors protect joints and provide the support needed for intensive training. We understand the shift from traditional fitness to functional training and crossfit and are prepared for it.

Our floors are stylishly designed and available in different colors and lines, including custom tracks and numbers. We can tailor-make the floor so that it perfectly meets the specific needs of your fitness or rehabilitation center. Choose NamSports for a floor that is not only functional, but also visually appealing and tailored to your unique requirements.

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