A healthy lifestyle in your own garden.

Exercise is not only good for your body; it also has significant positive effects on your brain. It's a proven way to become happier and more productive. But sometimes the threshold to get moving can seem high. At NamSports we understand this and want to help you lower this barrier.

Create a healthy lifestyle in your own garden. Our artificial grass provides the perfect surface for all your activities: yoga, pilates, a game of football or hockey with the kids,... The possibilities are endless.

Always playable.

Sports all year round.


Customized design and installation plan.

Low maintenance.

Saves time, money and resources.


Waterdoorlatend en waterbesparend.

Enjoy together.

Our range of artificial grass is designed for lovers of a natural look, comfort and luxury. Our products have a wonderfully fresh green appearance and offer a pleasant resilience.

Perfectly suited for extensive family gardens, beautiful grass strips around the swimming pool, or in places where natural grass has difficulty growing, such as in shady gardens. Our artificial grass is ideal for children playing and is suitable for intensive use all year round.

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