A safe and clean environment.

With our multi-sports fields we create more space for sports and games, making your campsite or recreation park a safe and clean environment where guests of all ages can enjoy. Let NamSports help you turn your location into a place where adventure and exercise go hand in hand, and where guests return again and again for an unforgettable experience.

Always playable.

Sports all year round.


Customized design and installation plan.

Low maintenance.

Saves time, money and resources.


Waterdoorlatend en waterbesparend.

On an adventure together.

At NamSports we understand the importance of a campsite or recreational park as a place for adventure and relaxation. What if you could differentiate your location from the competition and let guests enjoy evenings of outdoor play?

Our multi-sports fields transform your location into a space for sports and games, where families and friends come together to experience unforgettable moments. Our commitment to safety and cleanliness ensures that everyone can move freely and have fun. With NamSports you can offer guests a world of adventure, where they can escape the daily routine and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors. Let us help you transform your campsite or leisure park into a destination that creates memories that will last a lifetime.

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